Elizabeth Mathias

"Music is my blood and visual art gives a canvas to interpret that reality."

Elizabeth Mathias

Creative Director, Éclat Entertainment


Elizabeth Mathias has been passionately involved in the Arts — visually, musically, and educationally — for over thirty years. From early childhood, she danced with the Junior UCLA Ballet troupe and trained under the great Martha Graham's modern dance stylings.


Studying guitar and singing from 10 years old until present, Elizabeth soon began performing; even now she is just as eager to belt out a jamming Blues riff as she was in undergraduate school, where Elizabeth was introduced to the amazing world of concert promotions and production. Here she worked with greatness: From the Grateful Dead to the Eagles, Elizabeth became more involved with the production and merchandising aspect of Blues and Classic Rock and Roll.


Elizabeth landed at the legendary Bill Graham Productions and the Grateful Dead merchandising divisions, while still attending college at the University of California at Berkeley and U.C., Santa Barbara, where she graduated Cum Laud in Marketing and Communications.


Elizabeth has developed and implemented many programs that convey the Arts as a means of articulating and releasing creative energies as a constructive alternative to inner-city frustration and violence. For this important work, Elizabeth has received grants; and she is still earning fellowships and winning contracts with the likes of MoMA in New York and the Getty, MOCA, LACMA, and Skirball museums in Los Angeles.


Elizabeth's methodology is still being practiced in many California school districts. During her tenure at the L.A. Opera and Crossroads, an A&M offshoot in gifted music expression, she soon became immersed in the Arts and Education field. Elizabeth's studies highlighted multifaceted outreach curriculum in the schools, most of whose students were in at-risk populations. Elizabeth places her emphasis on Youth at Risk, Gang Activities, and Conflict Resolution — fields in which she has won many accolades and citations for her achievements and innovations.


After receiving her MFA in Fine Arts and Art History from the California State University, Elizabeth began showing her own unique style in mixed media and performance art across the United States. Exhibiting her work in smaller, more specialized galleries, Elizabeth Mathias is highly collected amongst art connoisseurs and museums internationally.


Elizabeth's Art

Click any thumbnail in the slideshow to view more of Elizabeth's art, in her gallery at Flickr.com


By the way, playing in the background on this page is an instrumental passage from The Way That I Do You (composed and copyrighted in 2004). This song was written by her Éclat partner, Jay Hill, with personal relationships in mind. Prior to marriage or becoming life partners, one of the members of a couple or both might say anything to keep their relationship going, even though it's not true. For instance, a female might tell a male that she does not want children, even though she does; and then she might try to have children after getting married or becoming a life partner. This song is about saying anything to please the other member or just telling them what they want to hear, when in fact their true desires and intentions are totally different; and the misinformed member, had he or she known the truth in the first place, would not have entered into such a committed relationship.


See Jay's page for more about the music he writes and what motivates him to write it.



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