Jay Hill

"I believe that passion, enthusiasm, commitment, and an affinity toward all music play integral parts in what makes songwriters and performers successful."

Jay Hill

Business Director, Éclat Entertainment


Hailing from Cleveland — home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — Jay Hill began to love music and entertainment at the age of five, when he started listening to his older sister's 45 rpm records. This encouraged him to learn and teach the guitar. Having played guitar since the age of nine, Jay developed a real passion for music. He has written over five hundred songs (Read more at right about Jay's music, playing in the background on this and on Elizabeth's page). Jay appreciates all genres of music — from rock to Bach — as long as there is true, musical talent. He believes that music is the one language understood by all.


Jay S. Hill, Esq., is the business director of the exciting new music management company, Éclat Entertainment. As an attorney, Mr. Hill can provide legal counsel to Éclat's clientele. He graduated from Malibu's prestigious Pepperdine University School of Law in 1981 and has practiced for 27 years. Prior to attending law school, Jay graduated from The Ohio State University, majoring in business and accounting.


About Jay's Music

Depending on his mood and what is on his mind, Jay writes music in a variety of genres, from folk, folk rock, rock, rockabilly, and country to jazz, blues, avant garde, ballads, and more.


Jay's motivation to write songs is just about anything that moves him. Wanting to be a rebel, he has written music protesting against authority, whether on a national level, as against wars, or on a local level. Jay has often written straight from the heart, setting to music the emotions he is feeling at the time: Is he resentful or angry? In love? Is he simply appreciating the beauty of life and life's offerings? Jay has written very personal songs, as for his son or about his relationships, either intimate or as a friend. Jay has also been inspired by observing nature and other people's lives, and how times have changed during his lifetime. In so many ways, music gives voice to Jay's soul.


Playing in the background on this page is the song Where Ya Goin'? (composed and copyrighted in 2003). This song is about trying to enter Heaven, being denied due to the wrongs I committed in life; waiting in line again, to enter Heaven.


See also Elizabeth's page, to listen to and read about Jay's song The Way That I Do You.



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