Tables-Based Design

Creating Web sites in the traditional way, using tables for layout. Note that most of these older designs were optimized for 800x600-pixel displays.

“I have employed the services of Douglas Drenkow for the designing and upgrading of my official website. ... Mr. Drenkow has been most helpful, creative, and responsive in working with me. ... My website has been praised by many who have seen it.”

— Steven Kutcher, “The Bug Man of Hollywood” (World-Famous Insect Wrangler for Movies & Television)

“Many [Web] sites are reviewed each month but very few are awarded diamonds. ... Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting [is a] ... nice clean site. ... The site is tasteful and there’s a lot of information offered as well as good navigation.”

ArtQuest (on a prior edition of the Web site,

submitted for review)


For the public relations firm of nationally known organizer Kelly Hayes-Raitt (Logo by Steven John Koeppe). Note that the Web site is no longer online; clicking image or title above will take you to an archival copy.

Bugs Are My Business

For the internationally renowned “Bug Man of Hollywood” (insect and spider wrangler for Arachnophobia, Spider-Man, X-Files, etc.)


For the nationally and internationally acclaimed paintings by the artist/naturalist (and his six-legged “living brushes”)

For California’s leading environmental education group. Note that the Web site has been redesigned; clicking image or title above will take you to an archival copy.

For Seattle journalist and author of nationally acclaimed fiction and non-fiction books (Note that Mr. Stekel has since updated the design)

Drenkow Portraits

Drenkow Portraits

Award-winning Web site for my internationally acclaimed acrylic and oil paintings

The World of Life

The World of Life

With information updated from my original software/ handbooks The Plant Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom

Progressive Thinking

Progressive Thinking

Archive of my socio-political writings — published in print and online, delivered on TV, and sent as e-mails to activists — up to June 2006

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

For the wedding of Francisca Miranda Duron to Douglas Evan Drenkow, February 3, 2007

Tables-Based Design

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