“DrenCo” Brand-Vision Flash Commercials

These Flash “ripomatic” commercials — most slideshows (loosely) set to music — demonstrate my ability to provide an engaging, memorable vision for each of several fictitious brands, with taglines, of familiar products from a fictitious “DrenCo” corporation.


Drenkleen Screenshot

DrenKleen Logotype

Household Cleaner


“Have some scary stuff to clean?”

Drenkow Fashion Screenshot

Drenkow (Fashion) Logotype

Luxury Fashion Goods


“Timely. Timeless.”

Drenkola Screenshot

Dren Kola Logotype

Soft Drink


¡Viva!” (Hispanic American Target Market)

Drenkova Screenshot

Drenkova Logotype

Prescription Medication


“Because You Cherish Life” (African American Market)

Drenkow Royale Screenshot

Drenkow Royale Logotype

Hotels & Resorts


“We Love the City but Sometimes ...”

Doug's Screenshot

Doug's (Fast Food) Logotype

Fast-Food Restaurants


“Come ‘n’ Get It!”

Drentimates Screenshot

Drenti-Mates Logotype

Feminine Hygiene Products


“All You Need ... And Want”

Drenkowfinancial Screenshot

Drenkow Financial Logotype

Investment Services


“Invest Your Trust in Us.”

Note: Photographs in these mock-up commercials are reproduced in Fair Use. Individuals are portrayed for illustration purposes only; no endorsements are implied. All brands portrayed are fictitious; any similarity to actual brands is purely coincidental.

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