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As a contributing writer and substitute News and Opinion Editor for, I answered the call by Rob Kall, the Executive Editor and Publisher, for a new logo in late 2005: My design was adopted after being favored by a five-to-one margin over the old among readers. It continued to be the official logo until 2008, during which time readership dramatically grew — from 300,000 to over one million unique visitors a month.

Favicons Favicon Favicon Faviocon Favicon

Various Favicons

Favicons are the 16-pixel square icons seen in Internet browser tabs and address bars and used to bookmark Web sites as favorites. (Clockwise from upper left), (for Barry Gordon), (torch/rose artwork by Jason Schaper), and

NewsRap Letterhead

NewsRap with Barry Gordon Letterhead   PDF Icon

Featured the well-known face of Barry as well as a list of his famous guests in the margin. I color-corrected the blue of Barry’s name so that when printed on my ink-jet printer it matched other materials.

Left Field Business Card

NewsRap with Barry Gordon Business Card

Photo quality cards make an impressive presentation. Making cards on my ink-jet printer allows for flexibility, as when I convinced Barry to dramatically shorten the name of his Web site to, part of our e-mail addresses.

Bugs Are My Business Business Card

Bugs Are My Business Business Card

See Steven’s Web site, which I also designed, for his stellar list of accomplishments.

Bug Art by Steven Business Card

Bug Art by Steven Business Card

At a glance, one can see what Steven’s art looks like; the card is a conversation piece!

Peter Stekel Letterhead

Peter Stekel Letterhead PDF Icon

Like me, Peter is a writer who has written in a wide variety of fields but holds dear his background in the natural sciences: As a botanist, he takes special interest in the ginkgo, a “living fossil”; he supplied the drawings of leaves for the letterhead.

Portrait Painting Letterhead

Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting: Letterhead   PDF Icon

The stationery presented not only my writing, including quotes from satisfied clients and subjects, but also a “gallery” of my paintings.

Portrait Painting Gift Certificate

Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting: Gift Certificate

See my portrait site for more information. This and the certificate at right were composed from 19th Century, copyright-free elements.

Portrait Painting Certificate of Authenticity

Douglas Drenkow Portrait Painting: Certificate of Authenticity

Once again, see my portrait site for more information. The “classic” look reinforced the classic appeal of portraiture.

Computer Tutor Mascot

Drenkow Media: “The Computer Tutor” Mascot

Created in the style of mascots at colleges, where my principal market resided. This logo, accompanied by copy reinforcing the idea that educational software held advantages over books, appeared in college newspaper ads and a tabletop display.

Computer Tutor Mascot

D.E.D. Electronic Publishing: “Keys to Open Minds!” Logo

Originally, Drenkow Media was known as D.E.D. Electronic Publishing, for which I created a logo incorporating a personal font (Brush Script) for my initials and the tagline, a “computer font” for Electronic Publishing, a “key” design that tied it all together (with a 5.25“ floppy diskette, common at the time, at the “business end” of the key), and a tagline that summed up my enthusiasm for the potential of new media. This logo appeared in ads and on a tabletop display.

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