One-Sheets, Brochures, & Postcards

Left Field One-Sheet

Left Field One-Sheet PDF Icon

As the first page in the Media Kit, this one-sheet summarizes the major selling points of the talk radio show I produced: the host (including a photo I took of his well-known image), the top radio market the show had been in, the subject matter and viewpoint, the big-name guests (and some of their enthusiastic quotes), the demographics of the target market, the unique appeal of the show, and my contact info as producer. I cannot take credit for the great logo and tagline, from an outside PR firm. Note also that we took care to mention at the very bottom that this sheet was printed on ink-jet paper — we didn’t want the printers union to think we’d used a non-union shop.

Bug Art One-Sheet

Bug Art by Steven One-Sheet PDF Icon

Designed to be distributed through art galleries and exhibitions, this one-sheet — like the Web site I also designed — presents a gallery of the acclaimed paintings by Steven and, as shown in inserts, his six-legged co-artists, as well as quotes that inspire his art, a quote from him about his unique technique, a brief bio of this most creative individual, and his contact information.

Portrait Painting Tri-Fold Brochure

Portrait Painting Tri-Fold Brochure PDF Icon

For my portrait painting, I designed this six-panel brochure, which can be folded and mailed in a Number 10 envelope, to present examples of my artwork (The cover art, a self-portrait, has yet to be completed; and another painting is blurred here, since a model release has been withdrawn). In addition, there is much copy: an introduction to whom portraits portray and why they are commissioned, composing a portrait, my materials and methods, the finished work, some kind comments, fees and terms, and contact info — including the URL of my Web site.

Portrait Painting Postcard

Portrait Painting Postcard

Note that the image quality of the four-color printed postcard has been degraded by the scan and then display on the Web. The front of this postcard displays one of my most notable subjects: former California Attorney General John Van de Kamp (a true gentleman, whom I met through my political work). On the back of this card, in addition to the address and stamp, was this copy: “Using methods of the Old Masters and materials of archival quality, I create lifelike, lasting works of art — for ladies and gentlemen, their cherished family and friends, and their esteemed leaders and colleagues. To see more of my art and to learn more about commissions and myself, please visit my on-line gallery at or call me at ... or write me at ... to receive prints and literature by mail or to arrange a viewing of my portfolio and paintings in your home or office. ‘I was honored & flattered by his work.’ — John Van de Kamp” ... all that plus the “bug” of the union print shop!

Killer Instinct Postcard 1

Killer Instincts Postcards

Not strictly for advertising but to help me promote my sci-fi script in follow-up contacts with agents, I created (in Fair Use from published materials) four postcards, showing “giant bugs” taking over the Hollywood Hills, downtown L.A., a familiar records building, and a famous Chinese-style theater. Where’s the giant fly-swatter? (Actually, with a little help from our hero and heroine and the U.S. Army, nature restored her own balance)

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