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Left Talk iTunes Store

Left Talk iTunes Store

Linked to the show’s page in, whose staff submitted the listing to iTunes, this store displays the logo I made for the Internet talk radio show I created (incorporating a professional photo supplied by the host) as well as text directly from the BTR listing I wrote (hence, some references to a “widget” etc. not found in the iTunes listing). To view this store, you must have the iTunes application installed; it is available from the Apple Web site for free download.

eBay Listing: Bobbleheads

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Over the years I have posted listings on eBay for myself and others. My eBay listings have incorporated original photography and often clever copy (if I say so myself). Although I have not sold many items on eBay, my listings have always fetched my asking price or more, in their first listing; and I have 100% positive feedback. Here are some listings I’ve archived (from various points in the auction process):

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