Media & Public Relations

Creating and distributing unpaid marketing communications.

“Doug is intelligent, perceptive, creative, easy to work with, responsive, and supportive. An important member of our writing team, Doug sees obstacles as opportunities for learning new solutions. He can always be counted on to deliver top-quality work with a quick turnaround time.”

— Gail Schaper-Gordon, Win-Win Workplace Solutions

“Thank you so much, Doug! ... Perfect. ... [T]hese [testimonial comments] will help [in our seeking sponsors].”

— Bev Harris,

Your work “is going to help us get grants, and ... [communicate] LP’s value to the community.”

— Patricia Hurley, Leadership Pasadena

Win Win Workplace Solutions Newsletter

E-Mail Blasts, Press Releases, & E-Newsletters

Timely announcements that keep my clients’ work fresh in the minds of their market.

Personal Appearances & Live Events

Personal Appearances & Live Events

From union locals and a Hollywood child-actors school to a statewide health care symposium attended by the governor and employing yours truly on a select panel doing real-time analytics for thousands of participants.

NewsRap Demo DVD

Radio & TV Talk Show Media Kits & Demo Discs

Packages of one-sheets, bios, sponsorship packages, maps, demographics, trends, quotes, press clippings, and other compelling copy, as well as audio CDs and video DVDs for the talk shows I produced.

YouTube Posting

YouTube Postings

Posted with detailed descriptions, links to more material, and lots of keywords to maximize exposure. Postings include not only video I shot and/or edited but also Pasadena Community Network production, featuring yours truly as “Google” — as city vied to become test locale for new ultra–high speed Internet.

Barry Gordon Wikipedia Entry

Wikipedia Entry Updates

I updated, illustrated (with attention to the requirements of the Wiki commons license), and otherwise expanded the existing entry for Barry Gordon, the much-accomplished host of the talk shows I produced.

Media & Public Relations

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