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Barry Gordon was not only the host and executive producer of the talk shows I produced; but he was also a lifelong entertainer, the longest-serving president of the Screen Actors Guild, a candidate for Congress, and — what got our Web site more hits than any other reference — the voice of “Donatello” in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! So it’s only natural that he had an entry in Wikipedia. Unfortunately, much of it was out of date; and in particular, there was little or no reference to his work on our talk shows. As producer, then, I took it upon myself to bring his entry up to date, in that wonderful “anyone can edit” and “everyone will (sooner or later) read it” site. You can see a summary of my edits in the History of his entry.

Barry Gordon Headshot

Barry Gordon Headshot: Permissions to Use

Because there was no photograph with Barry’s entry, I needed to secure one to which Barry owned the copyright and which he was willing to release into the public domain: For its use in Wikipedia, the photo had to be uploaded into the Wikimedia Commons, a freely licensed media repository. Barry had recently commissioned this headshot from a professional photographer, with the understanding that it was to be used freely online; in accord with the Commons policy, I posted the photo with the appropriate legal language on a Permissions page in And of course, as the subject of the photo, Barry was also giving a model release, in addition to a copyright license.

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