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PEACE: Foreign Policy & Terrorism | October 27, 1983




A Published Letter to Los Angeles Times

The failure of the present Administration to effectively use its considerable defensive and political leverage over the past, crucial year to move the present Lebanese administration to adopt righteous, democratic reforms -- needed to undercut the widespread native support for Lebanese rebel militias -- all the while exposing loyal U.S. servicemen to the most vulnerable positions in that civil-war-torn area has been tantamount to the bellicose schoolboy daring others to "knock this chip off my shoulder!"

Now, a suicide bomber from one of the countless Lebanese fanatical groups has done just that: At least 216 Americans are newly dead. And Lebanon is still crippled by anarchy; foreign forces; and at the heart of it all, a selfish, minority government, which, like all too many others secured by us around the world, this present American Administration steadfastly refuses to press for truly American, democratic reforms. We, the free American people, must boldly speak out, before more beloved lives and national pride are squandered!

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