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PEACE: Foreign Policy & Terrorism | August 30, 2003


An E-Mail to a Democratic National Committee Member

 I've just had a terrible thought.

Now [after the bombing at the mosque] there's fear that Iraq could descend into a civil war, of Shiites vs. Sunnis.

The GOP has two basic movers -- the Economic Right, such as the Halliburton crowd, making money re-building Iraq; and the Religious Right...

Maybe there were no plans for postwar Iraq, other than those no-bid contracts, because this really was, to a certain degree by certain factions within the Administration, a religious "Crusade":  If you wanted to "divide and conquer" Islam, what better way to do it than to pit two of its largest factions against one another, in the heart of the Muslim world?

Remember that a lot of evangelical Christians have suddenly become "best friends" to the most warlike of Israelis (who they still say are going to hell) in order to help fulfill the Biblical prophecy of the Apocalypse.

This whole thing is getting pretty damn scary.

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