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PEACE: Foreign Policy & Terrorism | January 27, 2005


An E-Mail to a Progressive Publisher

...thanks for sending me the "Executive Summary" [of a book on the Neo-Cons]. All in all, it sounds a lot like what was brought out in "Fahrenheit 9/11", although in more detail, as in "Hijacking Freedom", the more well documented documentary narrated by Julian Bond, which Barry Gordon presented on his show one evening.

I can buy into the argument that the Neo-Cons looked the other way while convenient allies in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were funding the likes of Bin Laden, whom I'm still convinced is a black sheep of the family, which he'd like to overthrow (much like Geo. Bush II thinks he's outdoing his father, on earth, not in heaven, egad).

The immediate prizes are the pipeline through Afghanistan and the oil in Iraq; but the greater prize for the Neo-Cons is projecting power, from better bases in Iraq (better than in Saudi Arabia). It's sheer bullying, imperial hubris.

I don't think the Neo-Cons wanted the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon -- Bin Laden was correct in assessing those as both symbolic and substantial centers of American economic and military power -- but they did state that they were just waiting for a Pearl Harbor-type attack to exploit. To me, that is even scarier than an outright plot (which, of course, would be treason): It demonstrates a complete and utter disregard for human life, more than even an active, violent contempt (which, of course, the Neo-Cons also practice, in spades).

Psychologists say that the worst form of child abuse is not violence, as bad as that is; the worst form of abuse is neglect -- it tells the child you just don't care.

I think the bullies of this world, from the Neo-Cons down to the kids on the schoolbus, are empty inside. They loathe themselves and just don't give a damn about anyone else. It's like the Nazis, in that piece I wrote. It's as pathetic and malevolent as cancer.

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