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My on-screen logo, like all the other text and graphics in the software, was composed of just the 95 standard printable ASCII characters: My software would run properly on almost any PC.

From 1990 through 2000, I researched, wrote, edited, programmed, designed, and published numerous groundbreaking educational databases in the biological, physical, and social sciences, and handbooks derived from these works.


I researched tens of thousands of pieces of data, cross-referenced them with hundreds of relational database tables, and made them reportable on almost all DOS platforms via original BASIC programming.


You will note in the sample material available in this Web site (Please feel free to follow the instructions you will find to download, at no charge, the databases I created) my extensive use of code letters and numbers throughout the texts (as identifying animal species, chemical elements, or articles and sections of the U.S. Constitution): These “computerized cross-references” were precursors to modern hyperlinks — significantly, like links, they could be used not only for conveniently indexing topics but also for comparing and contrasting important information. I was indeed helping to “pioneer” the use of computer databases as educational references for college students, practicing professionals, and lay people.


I unearthed and organized hundreds of copyright-free illustrations, primarily from U.S. government publications and 19th Century books, to supplement my text (The illustrations were typically copied into an accompanying booklet; the databases themselves were on floppy discs).


Most of my titles received “excellent” reviews from CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, a publication of the American Library Association. And my research in the biological sciences (I graduated from the University of California – Davis with Highest Honors in a biological science, and I scored in the 99th percentile on the nationwide Graduate Record Examination in Biology) received very positive reviews from experts at the USDA, U.S. EPA, and the National Science FoundationPDF Document


Drenkow Media ultimately penetrated the market worldwide, as through some of the first software listings in the book catalog of the Entomological Society of America and through distributors and resellers in the United States and beyond, in addition to my own marketing.


Distributors & Clientele (Partial List)

  • DISTRIBUTORS & RESELLERS: In the United States & Europe
    • Academic Book Center Inc. (OR)
    • Ambassador Book Service Inc. (NY)
    • Ballen Booksellers International (NY)
    • Blackwell’s (OR)
    • Books & Periodicals Exports (TX)
    • Coutts Library Service (NY)
    • Emery-Pratt Company (MI)
    • Entomological Society of America (MD)
    • Erasmus Antiquariaat En Boekhandel BV (The Netherlands)
    • Mellinger’s (OH)
    • Midwest Library Service (MO)
    • Natural History Book Service (United Kingdom)
    • New England Book Service (VT)
    • Scholarly Publications (TX)
  • CLIENTELE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES & CANADA: Universities et al. in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America
    • City Polytechnic of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
    • Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (Australia)
    • Goteborg University (Sweden)
    • Harper Adams Agricultural College (United Kingdom)
    • Individual (Malawi)
    • Individual (Peru)
    • Institute of Zoology (Germany)
    • Istituto Sperimentale per il Tobacco (Italy)
    • King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
    • Kyushu University (Japan)
    • National Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology (South Korea)
    • National Taiwan University (Taiwan)
    • University De Concepción (Chile)
    • University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
    • University of Thessalia (Greece)
  • MUSEUMS, LIBRARIES, & RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS: American Museum of Natural History, Field Museum, National Research Council, Peabody Museum (Yale University), etc.
    • American Museum of Natural History (NY)
    • Canadian Museum of Nature (ON)
    • Denver Museum of Natural History (CO)
    • EcoLab (MN)
    • Fernbank Science Center (GA)
    • Field Museum (IL)
    • Institute of Ecosystem Studies (NY)
    • Longwood [DuPont] Gardens (PA)
    • National Research Council (DC)
    • New England Small Farm Institute (MA)
    • Peabody Museum, Yale University (CT)
    • Rodman Public Library (OH)
    • Young Entomologists’ Society (MI)
  • BUSINESSES: Boise Cascade Corp., Dow Chemical USA, SC Johnson & Son, etc.
    • A. Duda & Sons Inc. (FL)
    • Boise Cascade Corporation (ID)
    • Cascadian Farm Inc. (WA)
    • Dow Chemical USA (CA)
    • Dow Elanco (IN)
    • Eco-Care Technologies (BC)
    • Exotic Environments Ltd. (HI)
    • FMC Corporation (GA)
    • Gardens Alive! (IN)
    • ISK Mountain View Research (CA)
    • Killroy Pest Control (CA)
    • Massey Services (FL)
    • Pacific Artificial Intelligence Systems Corp. (BC)
    • Prairie Pest Management (MB)
    • PRAXIS (MI)
    • SC Johnson & Son Inc. (WI)
    • Scientific & Technical Instruments International (SC)
    • TruGreen/ChemLawn (OH)
    • Western Industries (NJ)
  • GOVERNMENT ENTITIES: Agriculture Canada, New York State Education Dept., U.S. Army, USDA, etc.
    • Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AB)
    • Agriculture Canada FP&I (ON)
    • Agriculture Canada Research Stations (ON, PE, SK)
    • Big Horn County Weed & Pest (WY)
    • California Medical Facility (CA)
    • City of Cheyenne (WY)
    • EBRMARC (LA)
    • Fremont County Courthouse (WY)
    • Fremont County Weed & Pest Control District (WY)
    • New York State Education Department (NY)
    • Rutgers Cooperative Extension (NJ)
    • San Luis Obispo County Agriculture Department (CA)
    • Sublette County Weed & Pest (WY)
    • Sweetwater County Extension (WY)
    • Teton County Extension (WY)
    • Texas Department of Health (TX)
    • Tropical Research & Education (FL)
    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (OR)
    • U.S. Forest Service (UT)
    • U.S. Army MEDDAC - Japan (APO)
    • USDA, Agricultural Research Stations (CA, IA, MD, OH, WA)
  • COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES IN THE UNITED STATES: Cornell University, Duke University, Penn State University, Purdue University, University of California – Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, etc.
    • Alverno College (WI)
    • Ann Arundel Community College (MD)
    • Arkansas State University (AR)
    • Armstrong Atlantic State University (GA)
    • Auburn University (AL)
    • Austin College (TX)
    • Baker University (KS)
    • Bard College (NY)
    • Baylor University (TX)
    • Bethel College and Seminary (MN)
    • California State University – Sonoma (CA)
    • Canisius College (NY)
    • Central College (IA)
    • Central Missouri State University (MO)
    • Centre College (KY)
    • Clark University (MA)
    • Colorado State University (CO)
    • Columbus College (OH)
    • Community College of Vermont (VT)
    • Cornell University (NY)
    • Delaware State College (DE)
    • Duke University (NC)
    • East Carolina University (NC)
    • Edgewood College (WI)
    • Edmonds Community College (WA)
    • Evangel College (MO)
    • Florida A&M University (FL)
    • Franklin College (IN)
    • Guilford College (NC)
    • Hamilton College (NY)
    • Hartford Seminary (CT)
    • Howard Community College (MD)
    • Indiana Wesleyan University (IN)
    • Kansas State University (KS)
    • Kirkwood Community College (IA)
    • Longwood College (VA)
    • Maryville College (TN)
    • Michigan State University (MI)
    • Missouri Southern State College (MO)
    • Mount Vernon Nazarene College (OH)
    • Mountain Empire Community College (VA)
    • New Mexico State University (NM)
    • North Carolina State University (NC)
    • North Dakota State University (ND)
    • North Hennepin Community College (MN)
    • Nyack College (NY)
    • Oberlin College (OH)
    • Oklahoma State University (OK)
    • Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College (SC)
    • Oregon State University (OR)
    • Pacific Lutheran University (WA)
    • Pasadena City College (CA)
    • Pennsylvania State University (PA)
    • Purdue University (IN)
    • Ricks College (ID)
    • Rockefeller University (NY)
    • Saint Anselm College (NH)
    • Saint Catharine College (KY)
    • Saint Martin’s College (WA)
    • Salisbury University (MD)
    • Sam Houston State University (TX)
    • San Jose State University (CA)
    • Southern Arkansas University (AR)
    • Southern Methodist University (TX)
    • Spokane Falls Community College (WA)
    • State University of New York – College of Environmental Science & Forestry (NY)
    • Teikyo Westmar University (IA)
    • Thomas More College (KY)
    • Universidad De Puerto Rico (PR)
    • University of California – Berkeley (CA)
    • University of California – Davis (CA)
    • University of Florida (FL)
    • University of Georgia (GA)
    • University of Idaho (ID)
    • University of Illinois (IL)
    • University of Kentucky (KY)
    • University of Maine (ME)
    • University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (TX)
    • University of Maryland, College Park (MD)
    • University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth (MA)
    • University of Missouri (MO)
    • University of Nebraska (NE)
    • University of New Hampshire (NH)
    • University of Northern Iowa (IA)
    • University of Notre Dame (IN)
    • University of San Diego (CA)
    • University of South Dakota (SD)
    • University of Tennessee (TN)
    • University of the Virgin Islands (VI)
    • University of Virginia (VA)
    • University of Wisconsin (WI)
    • University of Wyoming (WY)
    • Ursinus College (PA)
    • Utah State University (UT)
    • West Chester University (PA)
    • Western Oregon State College (OR)
    • Western Texas College (TX)
    • Williams College (MA)
    • Worcester State College (MA)
  • COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES IN CANADA: McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Quebec, etc.
    • McGill University (QC)
    • Red Deer College (AB)
    • Simon Fraser University (BC)
    • Université Laval (QC)
    • University of British Columbia (BC)
    • University of Quebec (QC)
    • University of Regina (SK)

In the end, I came up against the enormous capacity of CDs and then DVDs and the Internet to deliver far more information than one person could provide, on floppy discs. I went on to learn the new technologies, which has taken me to where we meet today: in the fantastic and fantastically promising new media online.


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“Excellent inexpensive software [most titles].”

CHOICE, a publication of the American Library Association

“I ... am very impressed with the quality, along with the quantity, of your work [my ecological research].”

Confidential Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Science and Education, USDA   PDF Document

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you [for ten years].”

— Sales Coordinator, Entomological Society of America

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