Researching & Writing Reports & Proposals

Fact-finding for biofuels, health care, politics, demographics, business, contracts, science, and art.

“The files uncovered by Doug Drenkow from the WWII period provided HCL CleanTech [a new biofuels company] with invaluable operating data.”

— Robert P. Jansen, HCL CleanTech Inc.

“Your involvement can make [health care reform] happen. That’s why we need to hear your voices, opinions, and experiences, so we can create the best health care for everyone.”

— Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, addressing the CaliforniaSpeaks participants

“From the comprehensive research that went into this project [a demographic analysis of CA AD 41], to the clear organizational style in which you present the information, your hard work and professionalism are obvious. ... I appreciate your commitment and energy!”

— Kelly Hayes-Raitt, 2006 Candidate

(from Santa Monica) for California Assembly

[Doug’s] research on the subject matter ... I asked for was extensive. ... I truly enjoyed the interaction with him throughout. ... It is testimony to how much he cares about people and how much he cares for what he does.”

— Hajime S. (portrait client)

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Biofuels Research

Under contract to a new biofuels company, I researched archives worldwide online for historic operational data in support of their very promising new take on a proven old technology, which I had originally researched in college, to turn homegrown biomass into fuel with no net addition to the Greenhouse Effect.

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Statewide & Nationwide Meetings on Health Care, Federal Budget, etc.

I served on a select panel doing real-time analytics of feedback from thousands participating in a statewide health care symposium attended by the governor, other legislative leaders, and mass media. I later was one of thousands nationwide participating in a discussion on the national debt and budget, for a report to the president and Congress.

Political Opposition & Demographic Research

Reports on Health Care, Media, Demographics, etc.

For progressive activists nationwide (and beyond) in health care reform, and for California Assembly candidate in a key district.

Left Field Concept Proposal

Business Plans

Concept Proposal for Syndicating Barry Gordon From Left Field and Strategic Action Plan for Growing a BlogTalkRadio Show

Analysis of Cable TV Franchise Agreements

Analysis of Cable TV Franchise Agreements

For Pasadena Community Access Corporation

Simulated Medical Research Protocol

Simulated Medical Research Protocol PDF Icon

T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Mock Study

America at the Threshhold

Space Science Research

Contributions to America at the Threshhold: The President’s Space Exploration Initiative

Researching & Writing Reports & Proposals

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