Writing & Editing News & Opinion Articles

Local to national stories and progressive politics.

“Committed to advancing humane and progressive values, practices, and visions, Doug Drenkow thinks and writes smartly, critically, and creatively.”

Harvey Kaye, Director,
Center for History & Social Progress,
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

“Doug Drenkow is a great writer. He’s insightful and funny. ... [His] research is top-notch.”

— Barry Gordon, former Screen Actors Guild president & host of Barry Gordon from Left Field

“I am humbled, Mr. Drenkow, by the words you have written and the time you have expended learning the details of my case and telling them in a compelling way. ... The impact ... has been obvious. ... Thank you again.”

Teresa Chambers, former Chief

of the U.S. Park Police

“I really appreciate all you’ve done [as substitute News & Opinion Editor and as a contributing writer] for OpEdNews.”

— Rob Kall, Executive Editor, OpEdNews.com

“I have great respect for Doug Drenkow’s journalistic efforts — his reporting is thorough, accurate, and balanced. Drenkow has a particular talent for in-depth analysis; and he does not shy away from scrutinizing people with power, money, and/or fame.”

— Katina Dunn, former Managing Editor,

Core Media Weeklies

“[W]hat makes Mr. Drenkow’s work so professional is his wide breadth of knowledge ... and his understanding of complex historical and sociological paradigms.”

Peter Stekel, Journalist and Author

“Your work is remarkably clever and appealing.”

Creators Syndicate

News & Opinion Web Sites

Progressive Political Blogging & E-Mailing

Writing and editing in progressive political Web sites read by millions of visitors; e-mails composed, sent, and forwarded to progressive activists in key states nationwide and worldwide; and pithy passages quoted by UPI, BBC News, et al. online.

Cable Television

As a Guest and Guest-Host on a Cable TV Talk Show

Beginning with my widely circulated analysis of the controversial 2004 election, I presented my research into breaking news stories live on a popular Pasadena, California, cable access TV show, which I would guest host during Hurricane Katrina and co-produce in 2007 and 2008.

Network Television Affiliates

Editorial Replies on Network TV Affiliates

In the 1980s, when the Fairness Doctrine was still in force, I wrote and delivered two editorial replies — on environmental and entertainment issues — that were taped and broadcast throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Weekly Newspapers

Investigative Journalism in Weekly Newspapers

In 2006 I conducted investigative journalism into local stories with national angles — identity theft, telecom mergers, etc. — that were published in weekly Southern California newspapers with greater combined circulation in the area than the Los Angeles Times.

Daily Newspapers

Published Letters to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times

From 1979 to 2002, I wrote a great many letters to the Los Angeles Times — on politics and a wide variety of subjects — and dozens of my contributions were published.

Daily Newspapers

Newspaper Columns Reviewed for Syndication

In 2003 and 2004, after having written extensively about various socio-political issues in a wide variety of media (above), I submitted several oped-style articles for review to several syndicators of newspaper columns. Although my work won praise and recognition (as at right), there were no openings at that time, in that very tight market.

Writing & Editing News & Opinion Articles

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