Editing & Reviewing Literature, Web Sites, & Artwork

Copy-editing and critiquing novels, reviewing Web sites, discussing fine art in respected forums online, etc.

The Flower Lover is “one of the year’s best! A must read.”

New York Journal of Writers

“All authors ... are in need of good editors. During the review process for ... my novels I was fortunate enough to have Douglas Drenkow working as my copy editor. ... With fine attention to detail ... Mr. Drenkow’s editing skills greatly strengthened and enhanced my work. His comments and suggestions were deep and insightful.”

Peter Stekel, Author and Journalist

“I was honored & flattered by his [portrait] work.”

The Honorable John Van de Kamp, Former Attorney General of California

“Drenkow demonstrates that the art of portraiture is in the interpretation of souls, achieving a final composition that is pleasing to the eyes, for aesthetic effect, and to the heart, for success in the arduous challenge of transmitting, on the flat dimension of the canvas, the most varied states of the soul of the one portrayed.”

— Translated from the article Estados da Alma [States of the Soul] by Oscar D’Ambrosio, Member of the International Association of Art Critics (Brazilian Section)

“When you look at portraits of Douglas Drenkow, you feel that they radiate such fine mood that you begin to smile. What is [the] reason? Sincerity? Readiness to please? ... Without any doubt ... Douglas Drenkow achieved great results in his self education, [as] he became a professional artist.”

— Dr. Jurate Macnoriute, Lithuanian/International Art Critic and Theorist, in The Secrets of Perfection

The Flower Lover, A Novel by Peter Stekel

The Flower Lover (A Novel) & Other Works by Peter Stekel

Over the years, I have edited a number of literary works by the Seattle-based, nationally acclaimed author and journalist Peter Stekel, including his well-reviewed detective story The Flower Lover.

A Liar's Tale, A Novel by André Coleman

A Liar's Tale, A Novel by André Coleman

In 2005, I had the pleasure of reviewing A Liar’s Tale, a new novel — a fantasy/morality tale — by local journalist André Coleman. My review appeared in the Arts section of OpEdNews.com, with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month.

Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project

From 1999 through 2005, I served as editor of the Portrait Painters category in the Open Directory Project, the world’s largest human-compiled directory of the Web.

A Stroke of Genius Portrait Artists Forum

Arts Web Sites

Inspired by creating a well-reviewed portfolio of portraits in acrylic and oil, I wrote about “good taste” and other significant themes in respected arts forums and elsewhere online.

Editing & Reviewing Literature, Web Sites, & Artwork

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