Unproduced, but not unpraised, teleplays and screenplays: dramas, comedies, adventures, documentaries, etc.!

“All You Need Is Love”

All You Need Is Love

With the help of her colorful carnival family, free-spirit Anna wins the heart of straight-laced Evan, away from the clutches of his selfish fiancée, Mimi — bringing to life some timeless themes, and quotes, of love.

“This Land Is Your Land!”

This Land Is Your Land!

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World meets a 1991 Gallup study of Americans (conducted and updated by The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press).



In a realistic, dramatic “tale of two worlds,” Jack and Kate save each other and her progressive planet from the grasp of the dictator Max and his greedy son Victor, who ultimately bring their own, backwards world to doom. Ever adventuresome, Jack and Kate and fellow spacefaring pioneers start a new world, in the “new frontier.”

“How The World Was Won”

How The World Was Won

Episodes dramatizing the life-and-death struggles of everyday people around the world bring to life the turning points of history, like the classic How The West Was Won, in this epic three-night miniseries.

“Killer Instincts”

Killer Instincts

Driven by a cold-blooded instinct for survival, an immense variety of immense insects make most formidable opponents for our entomologist-heroine and her FBI man. Most thrilling, what King Kong did to old New York, gigantic six-legged, chemically mutated monsters do to modern L.A. In the end, our heroes survive and thrive in a “balance of nature” — ruled by instinct, intelligence, and love.

“The Scene of the Crime”

The Scene of the Crime

Flamboyant (and flamboyantly chappeaued) LAPD Detective “Hattie” Lovetruth exposes a particularly ingenious villian — as well as the hazards of his disreputable pesticide company — in this Columbo-esque murder mystery.

“Secrets of Success”

Secrets of Success

The unsurpassed success of insects — the most numerous and diverse group of animals on the planet — is seen as the result of their wondrous defenses, adaptations, communication, and societies, all of which impact — and are impacted by — the lives of human beings, the single most successful species on Earth. This is, thus, “the age of instinct and intelligence”!

“Perry the Possum in the Land of the Dinosaurs”

Perry the Possum in the Land of the Dinosaurs

Inquisitive, mischievous little Perry the possum unwittingly embarks upon the greatest adventure of his young life, meeting various wondrous inhabitants of his primeval world. Homesick, and barely escaping several dangerous situations, Perry is happy to eventually make his way home to his loving opossum family!


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