For over 30 years I have strategized and achieved business objectives by designing/developing, producing, and marketing innovative, interactive user experiences

— eCommerce and informational Web sites, Web and mobile apps, streaming video on demand, radio and cable TV talk shows and podcasts, and educational software — for small- to mid-sized businesses and major corporations, elected officials, government agencies, universities, and professionals locally, nationally, and internationally.

Formally educated in the biological sciences, my life’s work has concentrated on the surely most important factor in the success of humankind, or any social species: good communication.

Exercising both my logical “left brain” and my artistic “right brain,” I have created or worked with teams to create a great many communications in a variety of media, serving a diversity of markets (Please see the menus, above).

In this Information Age, the Internet in particular has the potential to become one of the most liberating forces ever — spreading information, truth, and love — or one of the most dehumanizing forces ever — enabling fear-, rumor-, and hate-mongering.

Knowledge is indeed power. And thus communications, a great responsibility.

You may learn more about my works throughout this Web site — my ongoing, online portfolio. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you for your visit, and enjoy!