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* Mouseover the moon to hear how to say our name, the word in French for brilliant success!

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Eclat Entertainment
A Multi-Service Music Management Company
Marketing, Booking, Legal Representation, Graphic Art, & More!

Éclat Entertainment believes in the concept of musicianship. Spend your time being musically creative and pursuing new sounds, songs, and directions. And let us be your arms and legs and get your music heard.

Got Music?

Éclat Entertainment is always looking and listening for new clients — bands and solo acts at various stages in their careers — talent we can guide, promote, and develop. If you think you've got what it takes to make it in the music business, send us a demo today. We share your passion for music!

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Man in the Moon from Le Voyage Dans la Lune,

Written and Directed by Georges and Gaston Méliès, 1902,

In the Public Domain, Courtesy of the Internet Archive.


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