“DrenCo” Brand-Vision Flash Commercials

“Ripomatic” Mock TV Ads

These Flash presentations — mostly slideshows (loosely) set to music — demonstrate my ability to provide an engaging, memorable vision and tagline for each of several fictitious brands of familiar types of products from a fictitious “DrenCo” corporation.

Because these mock commercials are “ripomatics” (composed of images openly copied from various sources, in Fair Use, for research and reference only) they are not posted online; they may be viewed in person. The images, and music, below are in the Public Domain.

Grimy Walls? with shadow of Nosferatu
DrenKleen logotype
Household Cleaner

“Have some scary stuff to clean?”

Accompanied by some comically spooky music, a (haunted) house needs DrenKleen for some powerful cleaning: messy spills (from a witch's cauldron), dirty floors (in the tomblike basement, prowled by a mummy), nasty pet odors (from a werewolf), etc.

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Drenkow Fashion title card. Timely. Timeless.
Drenkow logotype
Luxury Fashion Goods

“Timely. Timeless.”

Accompanied by runway music, incredibly beautiful people model incredibly beautiful clothing that sets the style but never goes out of style.

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DrenKola. Viva!
DrenKola logotype
Soft Drink


Accompanied by salsa music, neon-outlines of dancing men and women light up the dark, in this ad targeting the Hispanic American market.

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African-American Family Fishing
Drenkova logotype
Prescription Medication

“Because You Cherish Life”

Accompanied by low-key Gospel music, memorable and everyday moments in the lives of various families are celebrated, in this ad targeting the African-American market.

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Tropical Beach with graphic, Ahh, That's better.
Drenkow Royale logotype
Hotels & Resorts

“We Love the City but Sometimes ...”

After a brief, romanticized view of a city at night, a frantic montage of traffic, graffiti, unsafe neighborhoods, and other frustrations and perils of city life, accompanied by frenetic urban music, suddenly gives way to silence, on a tropical shore — “Ahh, that’s better.”

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Silent Screen Comic Doing Dishes, with Bubbles Atop His Head
Doug’s logotype
Fast-Food Restaurants

“Come ‘n’ Get It!”

Accompanied by some ragtime piano music, comic clips from black-and-white silent films make the case for going out and grabbing some food for the gang, at the local Doug’s fast-food restaurant. Want a DrenKola with that Double Doug’s burger?

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Woman asking, Do We Really Have to Give Up What We Want for What We Need?
Drenti-Mates logotype
Feminine Hygiene Products

“All You Need ... And Want”

With only silence in the background, the titling (and/or female narration) sensitively, yet directly asks the questions most important to women, about comfort, dependability, and so on. The answer, “Drenti-Mates. All you need ... and want.”

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Drenkow Finacial titlecard. Invest Your Trust in Us.
Drenkow Financial logotype
Investment Services

“Invest Your Trust in Us.”

Without music, the titling (and/or narrator with gravitas) states how Drenkow Financial understands what investors value the most. Ultimately, “Invest your trust in us.”

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