All You Need Is Love

A Script for a Two-Hour TV or Theatrical Movie

With the help of her colorful carnival family, free-spirit Anna wins the heart of straight-laced Evan, away from the clutches of his selfish fiancée, Mimi — bringing to life some timeless themes, and (onscreen) quotes, of love.

Thematic Outline

First Draft: February 10, 1992. Registered WGAw No. 509369.

Act One

QUOTE: “That strange phenomenon love ... pops up in the strangest places.” — Thornton Wilder

THEME: Love challenges.

SETTING: Fairground

PLOT: Anna, of a traveling carnival troupe, happens upon successful local businessman Evan and his manipulative fiancée, Mimi, in their suburban hometown and catches their attention in the fun house, etc.

Act Two

QUOTE: “Stony limits cannot hold love out.” — Shakespeare

THEME: Love frees.

SETTING: Office Building

PLOT: With the help of her carnival friends, Anna gains access to Evan — a difficult task — and convinces him to duck out.

Act Three

QUOTE: “The heart of him who truly loves is a paradise on Earth.” — Felicite Robert de Lamennais

THEME: Love rewards.


PLOT: Alone, Evan & Anna discuss the nature of love ... and fall in love.

Act Four

QUOTE: “There are as many pangs in love as shells upon the shore.” — Ovid

THEME: Love hurts.

SETTING: Mental Hospital

PLOT: Mimi convinces everyone — except Evan — that this “kidnapper” is crazy and has her committed, but Evan helps her escape. Although they are still in love, Evan doesn’t admit it and tries to convince Anna that the sensible thing for all concerned is for her to leave with the carnival. She apparently, reluctantly agrees.

Act Five

QUOTE: “Tangl’d in amorous nets.” — Milton

THEME: Love endures.


PLOT: With her carnival friends, Anna sabotages the “happy” couple shopping in preparation for their wedding.

Act Six

QUOTE: “Love conquers all.” — Virgil

THEME: Love conquers all.

SETTING: Wedding chapel

PLOT: With the help of her carnival friends, Anna takes over the wedding; and with the blessings of the levelheaded father of by-now-hysterical Mimi as well as the blessings of the local justice of the peace, Evan & Anna wed.

END QUOTE (& SONG): “All you need is love.” — The Beatles

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