Letters to the Editor Published in the Los Angeles Times

On a Variety of Socio-Political Topics

From 1979 to 2002, I wrote a great many letters to the Los Angeles Times — on politics and a wide variety of subjects — and dozens of my contributions were published.

Please click here to go to the index of my writings in the online archives of the Times.

The list below links to my published articles, archived in my old political Web site, Progressive Thinking, in whose “Values & Issues” indexes may also be found my unpublished letters as well as my blog postings and other socio-political writings through June 2006.

Note that these articles are listed in reverse chronological order, with my more mature, polished writing first.

I find it interesting to see how much of what we debate today was discussed in my archived letters. In particular, note that 30 years ago I was clamoring for solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, largely because of the Greenhouse Effect — when such talk was considered more science fiction than science fact!

My Letters to the Editor Published in the Los Angeles Times

1 May 2002 Economic Forecasts Cloud the Numbers PDF Document
12 Aug. 2001 Raising a Stink Over Chinese Produce [The Dangers of “Night Soil”] PDF Document
8 May 2001 Employees As Assets, Not Liabilities PDF Document
6 Aug. 2000 Napster Irony PDF Document
13 Sept. 1997 Liberty vs. Licentiousness: A Profane Image of the Virgin Mary PDF Document
16 March 1997 Spiritual Depth in Hollywood Films PDF Document
13 Feb. 1996 On Behalf of the Animals at the L.A. Zoo PDF Document
11 May 1995 Aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing PDF Document
24 July 1994 How “Universal” Should Healthcare Be? PDF Document
1 April 1990 Disclosing Music Lyrics vs. Censorship PDF Document
31 Aug. 1989 Thwarting the Will of the People in Propositions 65, 99, & 103 PDF Document
9 Aug. 1988 Alleviating the Greenhouse Effect with Solar Energy PDF Document
26 Oct. 1987 Politics vs. Progress PDF Document
18 July 1987 In Defense of the Cineplex Odeon PDF Document
29 Dec. 1986 Private Citizens Practicing Civil Disobedience vs. Public Officials Betraying Oaths of Office PDF Document
29 Nov. 1986 Protesting the Colorizing of Classic Black-and-White Films — see also my Editorial Reply on KABC-TV about this. PDF Document
26 Sept. 1986 In Defense of the New KCBS-TV News Format PDF Document
25 Aug. 1986 Congress’ New Tax Overhaul PDF Document
21 June 1986 Officials in Washington and Housing Problems with a related editorial by the Los Angeles Times PDF Document
5 May 1985 Nuclear Dangers: Our Lives Are In Their Hands PDF Document
14 Aug. 1985 Reply to Time for Truth: Taxes Must Rise PDF Document
9 April 1985 Corporate vs. Family Farms PDF Document
26 Jan. 1985 Poor Treatment for the Mentally Retarded PDF Document
23 Jan. 1984 The Twilight Zone Helicopter Crash PDF Document
27 Oct. 1983 The Tragic & Scandalous Loss of Our Marines in Lebanon PDF Document
5 July 1983 “Wondering” (About Any Connection Between the Greenhouse Effect & El Niño) PDF Document
31 May 1979 The Sun as a Safe Nuclear Reactor PDF Document

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