Producer of Left Talk with Barry Gordon

Progressive Internet talk radio show heard live on during the politically historic summer of 2008

The show was hosted by Barry Gordon, the longest-serving president of the Screen Actors Guild, and featured nationally known guests.

I was the one primarily responsible for creating the show’s format and implementing its technology.

The show’s Web site at BTR features many hours of audio archives.

I completely revamped to prominently feature this new show on the home page, while including sections and links to Barry’s two other shows, above.

I included on the home page of a widget supplied by and linking to BTR that automatically played the most recent show; on the inner pages of the widget could be clicked to play the show.

I wrote a PHP script that automatically changed a button on from Click Here to Go to the Archives! to Click Here to Go to the Live Show! during showtime — in all time zones — on weekdays.