Research & Writing on News Stories for Talk Shows

Statistical and Other Research on Tight Deadlines into Complex Current Events

The list below summarizes the subject matter I researched and presented with the host, Barry Gordon, on the cablecasts and simultaneous webcasts of his cable TV talk show, NewsRap.

In addition, the links below lead to original materials related to these shows, including my contemporaneous blog postings: In particular, Do the Math got me noticed by progressive activists nationwide; Hard Lessons, brought to the attention of DNC members and others, presaged the rise of a charismatic leader of the Democratic party; and an excerpt from Poison Pill, posted in Comments From Left Field, was quoted by BBC News online.

My Guest Appearances on NewsRap (and KRLA Talk Radio)

with link to any related blog posting or Web pages
26 Oct. 2004 Pre-Election Polling  
3 Nov. 2004 Hard Lessons for Democrats (part one) — Election post-mortem PDF Document
16 Nov. 2004 Exit Polls vs. Reported Results — PDF document is my nationally circulated statistical analysis, consistent with a more in-depth study by Steven F. Freeman, PhD. PDF Document
15 Dec. 2004 Hard Lessons for Democrats (part two) — PDF document is a condensed version of my prior remarks, for a speech. PDF Document
8 Feb. 2005 The Bush Budget — PDF document is some of the research I discovered, from National Priorities Project. PDF Document
30 March 2005 Education Reform — PDF document is some of the research I discovered, from the Sacramento Bee online. PDF Document
5 May 2005 Voting Machine Companies — PDF document is some of the research I discovered, from PDF Document
19 July 2005 Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts — PDF document is a related blog posting in Comments From Left Field, which was quoted by BBC News online. PDF Document
26 Aug. 2005 Environmental Impacts (as Guest Host) — My in-studio guest was my friend and noted environmentalist Steven Kutcher (with a live tarantula in hand).  
2 Sept. 2005 Hurricane Katrina Failures (as Guest Host) — Link to Special Multi-Page Section of Progressive Thinking  
9 Sept. 2005 Hurricane Katrina Survivors (as Guest Host) — Link to Video of Entire Interview with Survivors (in two parts)  
16 Sept. 2005 “Free for All Friday”: Roberts, Katrina, Gas Prices, etc. (as Guest Host)  
28 Sept. 2005 Tom DeLay Indictment & Community Access Television — Link to Web Page, with Video, about Issues Campaign  
2 Oct. 2005 Kelly Hayes-Raitt: Special Election Initiatives (as Guest-Coordinator) — on Barry Gordon’s KRLA Radio Show  
28 Oct. 2005 Indictment of “Scooter” Libby  
22 Nov. 2005 Farewell (In Memory of) Tyrone “Big Daddy” Rucker — PCAC Staffmember and Loyal Friend PDF Document
27 Nov. 2005 The Year in Review, as a Guest on KRLA Talk Radio Show  
17 Jan. 2006 In Memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — PDF document consists of numerous quotes from Dr. King that I assembled and posted in several sites online and then discussed on the air with Barry and our callers, including one retired teacher who went to college with the great man! PDF Document

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