Researcher/Producer, NewsRap with Barry Gordon

Progressive Talk Show Cablecast on Pasadena, California, Cable Television and Streamed on the Internet

The show was created and hosted by Barry Gordon, the longest-serving president of the Screen Actors Guild.

I was an associate producer for several episodes in 2007 and 2008 that featured phone- and studio-interviews with nationally acclaimed authors and state and local officeholders.

I was featured as a guest-researcher/commentator on several shows in 2004 and throughout 2005.

In November 2004, I presented on air my widely circulated, controversial but statistically correct analysis of the 2004 presidential election.

In August and September 2005, when Barry was in New York, I produced and guest-hosted four shows, including a live special with survivors of Hurricane Katrina (for which I also created a special section in my Web site Progressive Thinking).

I also created a Web site for NewsRap, which featured an indexed archive to many hours of Flash videos.