Visual Branding for Professionals

Business Cards, One-Sheets, & Letterhead

These are some of my graphical works that help promote the well-respected brands of various professionals.

“Bugs Are My Business” Business Card

Steven Kutcher, Entomology Consultant, Business Card

I designed this card and printed it on-demand on photo-quality paper with my ink-jet printer.

See Steven’s Web site, which I also designed, for his stellar list of accomplishments.

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“Bug Art by Steven” Business Card

Bug Art by Steven Business Card

Please click image for full-size copy.

At a glance, one can see what Steven’s world-renowned art looks like; the card is a conversation piece!

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“Bug Art by Steven” One-Sheet

>Bug Art by Steven One-Sheet

Please click image for full-page copy.  Adobe PDF icon

Steven distributed these one-sheets — showing various of his paintings with insets of the insect “artists” — at live events featuring his art and other works.

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Peter Stekel Letterhead

Endorsement by Peter Stekel on letterhead I designed for him

Please click image for full-page copy, including some kind comments Peter wrote in endorsement of my work.  Adobe PDF icon

Peter is a published author who has written in a wide variety of fields but holds dear his background in the natural sciences: As a botanist, he takes special interest in the ginkgo, a “living fossil”; he supplied the drawings of leaves for the letterhead.

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