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For Talk Show, “Bug Art,” Music Management Company, and “Google Fiber Bachelor” (Me)

I edited clips from these productions, which I then posted to my YouTube Channel and elsewhere online.

I posted these video clips with detailed descriptions, links to more material, and lots of keywords to maximize exposure — they have received over 14,000 views on my YouTube Channel.

Please also see the video clips of progressive political events, messages, and leaders that I shot, directed, and/or edited and then posted on YouTube for over 8,000 more views.

Video Clips from NewsRap with Barry Gordon

In addition to my serving as associate producer of his radio talk show, I produced several episodes of Barry Gordon’s cable-access TV talk show, NewsRap; and to promote the show, host, and guests — including bestselling authors and notable politicians — I ripped the video of the shows from DVDs and edited short, several-minute clips, which I posted on YouTube, where they received thousands of views and, via links, directed visitors to, where the shows could be viewed in their entirety.

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Video Clips from Bug Art DVD by Steven Kutcher

Working with Steven, I edited approximately five minutes of clips from the original, 14-minute DVD (edited by Dan Frankel and produced through the facilities of Time River Productions and the Pasadena Community Access Corp.) and posted them on YouTube, with appropriate keywords etc.

Steven Kutcher is an artist, entomologist, teacher, lecturer, consultant, and environmentalist. He is world-renowned as an entomology consultant working with arthropods in feature films and television and commercial productions. He appeared in The Garry Shandling Show (nominated for an Emmy), The Scoop (Great Britain, episode won BFTA), and many international interviews (filmed and in print). He has spoken at many universities, schools, and organizations and has taught biology at West Los Angeles Community College. He has been active in educational entomology and outdoor education programs. For more information see his Web site,

Steven had an early interest in both insects and art. At the age of four he collected fireflies and wild berries in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Also when he was a child, he received a professional watercolor set. Steven moved to California at the age of five. In 1976, after graduating with his master’s degree, he became involved with a Long Beach art gallery, where he exhibited drawings and watercolor. In 1985 he made fly track footprints for a Steven Spielberg TV show.

In Bug Art, the movie (TRT 14:00 min.), pigment and natural movements as exhibited by insect footprints are creatively transformed into uniquely enchanting works of contemporary fine art.

Arthropods are essential for life on earth. Insect footprints are small and touch every part of the living terrestrial world, but insect footprints are transitory and leave little trace.

The movie begins by showing abstract color forms in water that symbolically introduce the ephemeral nature of the insect footprint. The history of bug art is then explained. A beetle is captured as an example of field-collecting a “co-artist.” Steven uses the beetle in his studio to create a painting by manipulating the beetle’s movement; Steven is a world-renowned expert in insect behavior, an understanding of which is essential to create a piece of bug art. Insects tracking paint from their feet are recorded in extreme close-up from the side and other views. Steven’s various materials and methods of art creation are shown; insects are his “moving brushes” used to create the art. Cleanup of the insect is demonstrated; care is taken not to harm the insect. Examples of art using seven different insect species are shown along with brief comments about each piece of art.

Bug art becomes a microcosm, and the footprints in that world are the handwriting of the artist. Kutcher is currently experimenting with insects and new techniques to create this enchanting visionary art by making the invisible world visible.

The complete Bug Art DVD as well as greeting cards, prints, and original artwork may be purchased from the artist through

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Introductory Video to

Because she admired the video I shot for the introduction of my own Web site, the creative director for this multi-service music management company wanted a similar video for the home page of the Web site I created for them (no longer in existence).

We decided that the best location was in her musician-partner’s home/office, with some of his extensive collection of professional music equipment in the background. I used my portable lighting outfit, its bright light softened with diffusers, by bouncing the light off the white ceiling, and by her (uncharacteristically) wearing some make-up. She chose clothing, jewelry, and hairstyle that were comfortable for her and appropriate for a professional in the music business.

Because she wanted the monologue to feel “loose” and unscripted, I prepared only bullet points for her, summarizing the major themes of the Web site, concepts she and the business director and I had discussed at length when we originally designed the site; the key was to speak to the needs and concerns of their target audience: artists / potential clients, potential venues, and music lovers in general.

Because she was intentionally unrehearsed, we took a great many takes, to assemble enough material for me to later edit together into a logical narrative. To make the editing easier, we shot the entire narration through almost four times — twice as a mid-shot and almost twice as a close-up —so that cutting (actually dissolving) between the shots (mid to tight, tight to mid) would not be so jarring (as mid to mid or tight to tight, which I did have to do a few times as it worked out).

For branding, as on my video, I included their logo in the front and end titles. And because the “Man in the Moon” logo she had selected was a still from a vintage black-and-white movie in the public domain, I cut some of the footage from the original movie into the start of this video, to draw the viewer in with a somewhat familiar, very entertaining scene.

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Google Fiber Bachelor on Pasadena Dating Game

With Barry Gordon as host, “Bob Wowmack,” yours truly as “Google,” (in a creative piece of costuming, from the studio) tries to select among Pasadena’s many appealing — personified — qualities: “Science N. Technology,” “Art N. Culture,” and “Ann E. Users.”

Ultimately, Google says, “I’ll take them all!” And the happy group tours the many world-class colleges, museums, and other exciting venues in this home of the Rose Bowl and its annual Parade.

This video production was a contribution by the Pasadena Community Network to Fiber for Pasadena — the City of Pasadena’s effort to coordinate a community response to Google’s Fiber for Communities, a proposed open access ultra-high speed experimental broadband network that would make Internet access better and up to 100 times faster for everyone in the community it chose.

The citizens involved in this effort believed that Pasadena was the right innovative partner for Google, which could have potentially invested millions of dollars in the City.

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