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DATE: 4 Jan. 2005


TO: Various Democratic Activists


SUBJECT: Common Decency & Uncommon Patriotism [in memory of Rep. Bob Matsui]

I always respected Congressman Matsui as an honorable, well-spoken, unflappable advocate of the broad ideals and detailed agenda of the Democratic Party, always within the context of what he saw was best for the country as a whole.


Moreover, Congressman Matsui’s dedication to a life of public service — to the very nation that had interned his family during wartime — speaks volumes about his common decency and uncommon patriotism.


I will sincerely miss his sincere face in the news. I do not know who will, or can, take his place ... but I do know that in keeping with the tradition of his Japanese ancestors, he will live on in his life’s work and in the lives of those whom he touched. I understand that at the end of his all-too-brief but very full life, Congressman Matsui was preparing to give his all to oppose the privatization of Social Security being pursued so vehemently by the Bush administration. To the extent that we carry on the opposition to this foolhardy and ultimately immoral plan, we will honor the life and legacy of Congressman Matsui as well as our commitments to the Social Contract.


God bless and comfort you who were fortunate enough to have been his family and friends.




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