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DATE: 5 Feb. 2005


TO: Various Democratic Activists


SUBJECT: True Family Values

[In response to a Democratic NewsGroup article]


The Right wants the Middle and the Left to think that it is the natural base for the Middle. We can’t fall into the trap of that thinking. The question then becomes, does the Left have anything in common with the Middle; does “organizing the base” of the Democratic Party have anything to do with being “able to speak to swing voters, including moderate married women,” too many of whom we indeed did lose.


Well, to the extent that our party promotes progressive — dare I say, Leftist? — positions on education, child care, health care, Social Security, environmental protections, taxation, workplace justice, corporate responsibility, social tolerance (i.e., respect for others), etc. we are addressing the most heartfelt concerns of most voters, on the Left, Right, and in the Middle, not unlike how a “moderate married woman” might care for her own family.


That’s what my old New Dealer Dad always says: If you consider the country like a family, you’ll do the right thing. You won’t let some members go sick if there’s doctors or medicine that can help them. You won’t let some go uneducated if there are teachers or schools that can help them. And you won’t let some work and be poor while others have far more than they’ll ever need.


And of course, if we convince the country that the Democratic Party considers the country a family, then we’ll have a lot better chance of convincing them that we’ll protect them like family, too.


Those are true family values.




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