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DATE: 15 Feb. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Why I Do — and Superdelegates Should — Support Obama (My New DailyKos Post)

I just received from the Obama campaign an e-mail that was unusually inspiring, and thus very characteristic; it asked, in part:


Our work so far has taught us one important lesson: that your personal story about why you support Barack Obama is often the most powerful persuasion tool for someone who's undecided. That's true whether that undecided voter is your neighbor or a superdelegate.


The story of where you're from, what brought you into the political process, the issues that matter to you, and why you became part of this movement has the potential to inspire someone who could cast a deciding vote in this contest. ...


Share your story to help persuade superdelegates now:




I’ve received a lot of e-mail from folks asking how best to help with the superdelegate effort, and this is it.


Although they of course also asked for money, by this appeal for personal narratives Obama is employing the very ideals he professes: faith in the people at large to move mountains. Genuinely inspired, I wrote the following.


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