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DATE: 18 March 2008


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SUBJECT: Barack’s Most Shining “JFK Moment” — A Speech that Captured the American Spirit!

With his truly remarkable speech today, Barack Obama confronts the race issue as straightforwardly as John Kennedy did the religion issue when he was running for president. Both embraced the best of America by finding hope in the fears that we face together — Catholic and Protestant and Jew and Muslim and atheist alike; black and white and Latino and Asian and Native American alike.


This speech exemplifies why I am so proud to support Sen. Obama for president. Patriotism comes in many stripes. I do not doubt the patriotism of Mr. Bush or Mr. McCain. But can anyone ever imagine our current president giving a similarly insightful, broadly compassionate, and genuinely intelligent speech? And although Sen. McCain will undoubtedly inspire the GOP faithful and many independents, the so-called solutions he advances for our pressing problems — such as the economy, health care, or the war in Iraq — are not only more of the same, failing policies but also less in the true spirit of America — perfecting our union, working together as one nation — that Sen. Obama captures so eloquently and powerfully today.


That is not only charisma; it is good leadership. We have legions of agency administrators, military experts, and policy wonks to advise our president; he or she must be much more than the “master bureaucrat.” What we need most from our president is good judgment and vision, and the ability to communicate both persuasively to the body politic. That is precisely what I get from speeches like this — as if there were any others truly like this — from Senator Obama.






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