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DATE: 15 July 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: FW: Video: Barack’s speech on Iraq and national security

Certainly a much different mindset than we’ve had for the last eight years ...


Doug (P.S. There’s a transcript on the page that’s linked to below, so you can read or skim through the remarks, although I enjoyed the entire speech.)




From: Obama for America [mailto:info@barackobama.com]
Subject: Video: Barack’s speech on Iraq and national security


Douglas —


Barack delivered a major speech on national security and the war in Iraq this morning.


He laid out his strategy for using all of the elements of American power to keep us safe, prosperous, and free.


Watch the speech, read the full text, and watch our new foreign policy TV ad:



  Obama Foreign Policy Video link



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Thank you,


Obama for America


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