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DATE: 22 Aug. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: If I were choosing Obama’s VP

As long as Obama has us all on tenterhooks, waiting for his VP announcement (and I’ll trust his judgment and gladly support whomever he picks), here’s my “short list” of possibilities — other than the list of “usual suspects” — whom I’d like to see him pick (One qualification: They need to have foreign policy experience):


Sen. Barbara Mikulski — the most senior female senator, who voted vs. the war authorization act (a respectable reason for Obama to pick her instead of Clinton), who is on the Intelligence Committee and Homeland Security subcommittee, who is leading the fight vs. predatory lenders, who has strong domestic credentials, and who has STRONG APPEAL TO WORKING CLASS CATHOLICS (For what it’s worth, in the political arena, her political opponents have said she is gay; she has not responded to that)


Sen. Christopher Dodd — seasoned and my prior choice for president (although he’s been close to Countrywide and banks in trouble)


Dianne Feinstein — brings to Obama all the experience and gravitas he lacks, and from a state that will probably elect another Democratic senator (even if Ahnold were to name a GOP temp, assuming that’s the way it works). Although if she had wanted to run for president (as in eight years) I think she would’ve a long time ago.


Gen. Wesley Clark — who better to give military gravitas to the ticket? (although I think he’d make a great Sec. of Defense, like Biden would be a great Sec. of State)


Sen. Patty Murray (WA) — a longtime senator on powerful committees with strong domestic and defense credentials, and one of the 21 Democratic senators to vote vs. the Iraq war authorization. At the time of the vote she said for the record ...


Mr. President, if we do take action in Iraq, there is no doubt that our armed forces will prevail. We will win a war with Iraq decisively; and God willing, we will win it quickly. But what happens after the war? That will have as big an impact on our future peace and security. Will we be obligated to rebuild Iraq? If so, how? Our economy is reeling, our budget is in deficit, and we have no estimate of the cost of rebuilding. And with whom? As New York Times columnist Tom Friedman points out, there's a retail store mentality that suggests to some — if “you break it, you buy it.”


... very much like Obama’s likewise prescient speech at the time.


Doug (Oh, and I didn’t mention my favorite senator, Barbara Boxer — I’m afraid every last conservative in the country would come out to vote against her. Bless her for it!)


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