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DATE: 19 Sept. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: John McCain’s Big Mistake (c/o a journalist friend)

I just received this from my friend André Coleman — the investigative reporter for the Pasadena Weekly, a host of NewsRap alternating with Barry Gordon, and an acclaimed author (http://www.razor.com):


[BTW, although I differ with André on some points — particularly about Obama’s excellent VP pick — I agree wholeheartedly with his conclusions.]




The turning point of this election is not the economic crisis, nor is it the questionable VP picks on both sides.


Barack Obama has regained the lead based on one huge mistake by his opponent.


John McCain kept his VP away from the media and then insulted the fourth estate when called on it, resulting in a unified broadcast and print media fact-checking her bio and his campaign ads.


By the time Palin went in front of Charles Gibson it was painfully obvious she was a guppy in the deep waters of national politics and fact-checking once again hurt the campaign.


That move changed the game and forced McCain back onto his heels and on defense and allowing Obama to grab the ball. Barack now leads by four and next week could extend that lead big time since next week’s polls will probably tell the tale of the economic crisis on the election.


McCain may have peaked; he may be facing a foe he can’t beat. Everything he says is now being held up to the light and it should be. But not just for John McCain — but for Barack Obama as well.


The media should NEVER run campaign ads that have lies in them. Just like they would never run a commerical by Taco Bell lying about Jack In the Box. They should always fact-check and hold our candidates up to the light, a light which shines on the truth no matter your party afiliation.


Truth is never a Bridge to Nowhere.


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