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DATE: 23 Oct. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Vote Yes to Love. Vote NO on 8.

[The text of the following e-mail was amended for the posting in DailyKos.com, in accordance with the notes in a subsequent e-mail.]


In considering Proposition 8, which would ban now-legal same-sex marriages in California, consider these points:


If a white woman and a black woman would love to marry one another, do we have a right to deny them that right with a law based on race?


There have been countless homosexual men and women down through U.S. history who have been “hidden” in our military but who have nonetheless shed their blood and given their lives for our freedom: Which of them did we have a right to deny the right to marry?


There have been and continue to be millions of hard-working homosexual men and women who pay their taxes and abide by the laws: Which of them does the government have a right to deny the right to marry?


Certain verses of the Old and New Testaments do indeed condemn homosexuality, as with punishment by death. Many other verses matter-of-factly condone polygamy and slavery. Regardless, the overarching theme of the Bible, written by people inspired by the word of God, is of a God who loves His children and commands us to love Him and one another. If you would not want someone to deny you and your intended the right to marry, which of God’s children do you have a right to deny such happiness?


As both proponents and opponents of Prop. 8 agree, marriage is at the foundation of society; the stable union between two adults committing themselves to be faithful and caring to one another is fundamental to the stability and growth of society as a whole. To ban the marital union of two consenting adults different from one’s self, as by likening such a marriage to one between a human and an animal, dehumanizes and demonizes those who harm no one, but merely love one another.


Vote Yes to Love.
Vote NO on 8.




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