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DATE: 23 Oct. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Vote Yes to Love in DailyKos

FYI, I just published “Yes to Love” in DailyKos ...




... with a couple additions/changes:


There are links to the official No on Prop. 8 site, for Californians, and now also mention of and a link to No on Prop. 2, in Florida (Thanks to Scott for the cross-country tip). Donations there are, of course, accepted (and of course much needed).


Also, references to God are now gender-neutral (Thanks to Ellen [Snortland] for the reminder that the spirit of Truth and Love is all-encompassing).


Vote Yes to Love. Vote NO on 8 (CA) and NO on 2 (FL).




If you like this, please let others know.


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