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DATE: 2 Nov. 2008


TO: Democratic News Group


SUBJECT: RE: [DemocraticNewsGroup] My no on prop 8 video

Excellent video, Dante & cast & crew!


I’m glad it’s getting plenty of views and lots of five-star ratings (including from me).


It’s also very good that it provoked much discussion; in response to what some Yes on 8 people wrote, I had to add the following comment:


It is a red herring to compare the sincerity of beliefs for those who would ban gay marriage to those who support same-sex marriage. Those who support same-sex marriage take away the rights of no one else; those who oppose gay marriage are threatening to take away the rights of others. If you do not believe in gay marriage, then do not marry someone of the same sex; but do not make outlaws of others who do no harm. Holding beliefs you might find offensive is not, and should never be, a crime.




If you like this, please let others know.


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