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DATE: 4 Nov. 2008


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Cautiously optimistic still requires action!

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback already about the CNN (and MSNBC) maps looking like Obama’s got it wrapped up.


All of us know that this thing is completely up in the air, even if you don’t believe (as I do) that the GOP stole the last election.


We’re continuing to impress upon people how historic this election is — how vital it is to pull together to confront the enormous challenges before us. We can do it. We’re doing it!


And that goes for keeping the record turnout coming out in California as well — regardless of what is happening back East — so we can make our voices heard, too, as to defeat the noxious Prop. 8!


Swing the pendulum. Make history. Vote.




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