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DATE: 6 Nov. 2008


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I was a bit wrong about the Palin situation: If Stevens wins but is then expelled from the Senate, then there will be a special election, in which Palin would probably run and then win; I’d heard that she could just appoint herself to the seat — that might be how the seat would be filled until the special election. In any case, we may not have seen the last of her. Could she be an albatross around the GOP’s neck, like Bush has been? You betcha!




“Alaska has another Senate race whose winner is in doubt. At present, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) holds a 4000-vote lead over Anchorage mayor Mark Begich. However, 4% of the precincts haven’t reported yet and there are 70,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted. A Stevens victory could have national implications, however, as Democrats will likely try to expel the convicted senator from the Senate if he wins and Republicans would be forced to make a difficult vote on the expulsion motion. If he is expelled, there will be a special election to fill the seat and many people expect Sarah Palin to run and win, giving her four years of national exposure before a possible 2012 run for the White House. Not all Republicans are happy at seeing someone with such high unfavorables and who was repeatedly mocked as a lightweight with expensive taste in designer clothing becoming the de facto party leader. Once you have acquired a bad public image, it is hard to shake it. Just ask President Quayle.”




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