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DATE: 14 Nov. 2008


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SUBJECT: RE: [DemocraticNewsGroup] 'Too Big To Fail' Has an Easy Answer: Anti-Trust or Public Control

This article is absolutely correct: As with the banking bailout, if the U.S. taxpayers are saving an industry by putting money at risk, then the U.S. taxpayers deserve a big say in how that money is used.


However, there is an insidious angle to this. The Right is salivating at an opportunity to break the UAW; their strategy is nothing more or less than extortion: holding perhaps millions of jobs at risk, throughout the economy, in exchange for concessions the auto industry management could never win at the bargaining table.


If that’s their game, then let the public see it in all its ruthlessness. And let the public also clearly see our alternative: a win-win solution that not only promises to save all those jobs, in the auto industry and all the sectors of the economy directly and indirectly affected, but also offers us a unique opportunity to retool our heavy industry to greener technology.


The choices are stark. The Right offers more infighting, poverty, and environmental destruction. We offer the hope of sustainable prosperity.






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Subject: [DemocraticNewsGroup] ‘Too Big To Fail’ Has an Easy Answer: Anti-Trust or Public Control




'Too Big To Fail' Has an Easy Answer: Anti-Trust or Public Control

by Dave Lindorff


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