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DATE: 28 Jan. 2010


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Pres. Obama Tells It Like It Is / L.A. Co. Dems’ Great New Video!

Particularly in the wake of Pres. Obama’s “tell it like it is” State of the Union Address last night — The people at home could clearly see who is fighting for them and who is fighting against their best interests — I cannot encourage you enough to watch — and sharethis great new video by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party: Echoing the words of the Republicans’ own National Chairman Michael Steele about their party’s prospects of recapturing Congress, “Not This Year” encapsulates in 90 seconds what went wrong in the eight years the Republicans were in charge, what we’ve done to turn things around this year, and what we’ve got left to do in the year and years ahead. As Pres. Obama reminded us last night, change isn’t easy — or unopposed — but working together we can get things done. Yes, we can!




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