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DATE: 24 Mar. 2010


TO: My Political E-Mail List


SUBJECT: Threats vs. Health Care Reformers ... including me

In case you missed the in-depth investigation by Rachel Maddow last night about the ongoing violence and threats vs. supporters of health care reform — everything from bricks (sometimes with explicit death threats) being thrown through the windows of Democratic offices in several states, to Sarah Palin’s putting Democratic congressmen in “crosshairs” on her Facebook page, and the display of guns and the threats of violence at public rallies, including the upcoming event near Washington on April 19th, the anniversary of Waco (a “high holy day” for militia wackos, like the late–domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh) — take a look at Maddow’s unflinching investigation into “Intimination” ...




Oh, and you might also read a comment I just got in response to my “Make history?” article ...




“Democrats, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and this writer [that would be me] --- you are betrayers, charlatans, liars, and traitors. Off with all your heads!”


Not to mention the spit and racial and homophobic insults hurled at Democratic congressmen, including a champion of the Civil Rights era.


Post-partisan civil discourse is quite inspiring, isn’t it? And tirades by the Republican leadership, including Rep. Boehner, aren’t helping ...




Regardless, yes, we can. And yes, we did!




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