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JUSTICE: Crime & Scandal | October 2, 2003



An E-Mail to Democratic Activists

Arnold's astounding (and not surprisingly "contrite") admission today that at least some of the allegations of his sexual abuses of women over the last 30 years, as reported in the LA Times this morning, are true "cuts two ways", BOTH in our favor -- if we recognize them.

First, of course, it indicates a truly barbaric, long-standing insensitivity to women in general -- all our wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters.

Second, and even more damning, it indicates a shocking, long-standing ABUSE OF POWER! According to the Times reports, unsolicited from the victims (let alone from the other candidates) and verified by secondary sources (whom the victims had told of the abuse when it happened), time and again, women were accosted by actions they found utterly "disgusting!" but were afraid to complain about because they were "just peons" and he was "the highest paid movie star in the world". Arnold knew better than to harass the well-known actresses and other powerful Hollywood women who have previously stated in response to such reports that he "behaved like a complete gentlemen" around them; no, Arnold used his power to INTIMIDATE those who couldn't fight back, while his cronies laughingly egged him on, time and time again.

For a "man" running a POPULIST campaign -- to "take Sacramento back" for "the little people", like those "ordinary people" (actors???) in his pro-recall ads -- that's a REAL SNAFU...for HIM!

Arnold the Barbarian has handed us a Double-Edged Sword -- he has abused women; moreover, the "little people" he's supposed to represent. Use it or lose it...for EVERY Californian.

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