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JUSTICE: Crime & Scandal | December 5, 1986



An Unpublished Letter to

Los Angeles Times & Time Magazine

Regardless of the "contra connection", President Reagan has hung himself with his own words.

The Reagan Administration has branded all others who have illegally sent arms to such nations as Iran "traitors" and has even urged capital punishment for such offenders: Impeachment, conviction, and removal of President Reagan from office for his illegally sending thousands of tons of arms to Iran would be merciful in comparison.

After making the American presidency seem hypocritical and contributing to an untold number of deaths, Ronald Reagan has a lot of gall to talk about his bile!

This scandal should teach us that our President must not be a king, aloof from constitutional checks and balances, and that problems in the Middle East, Central America, and the rest of our world cannot be solved by arms alone: Human hearts and minds must come first, a principle held in contempt by this President's morally and economically bankrupt foreign and domestic policies.

The Reagan Revolution has lived by the sword and...

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