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STEWARDSHIP: Environment & Energy | September 2, 1991


An Unpublished Letter to Los Angeles Times

Thank you for your splendid editorial praising the virtues of solar energy! Only with informed public support can we develop this new technology into a commercially viable alternative to more polluting, less dependable energy sources.

By the way, although you were correct in pointing out that even the energy in wind-power and fossil fuels originally came from the sun, did you know that nuclear power (whose poisonous wastes and prohibitive costs we are better off without) is also ultimately derived from solar power? The atoms of uranium -- like those of all other chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium (as in all the molecules that make-up our human bodies) -- were formed billions of years ago in the cosmic "blast furnaces" of those exploding suns called supernovas!

When we search for new energy sources, we must look to the stars, starting with our very own sun, good ol' Sol.

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