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STEWARDSHIP: Environment & Energy | February 13, 1996



A Published Letter to "Next L.A.", in Los Angeles Times

I recently visited the zoo and would agree with the inspectors that the animals appear to be in excellent health (although one little canine, I believe it was the bat-eared fox, looked pretty cold and miserable curled up on the damp, leaf-littered ground).

However, a number of animals looked rather bored or lonely. Perhaps they might benefit from associating more with others of similar or even different species. If I were a free-ranging animal, I would find some of these confinements too confining. If I had, say, 400 square feet allotted to me, I think instead of a 20-foot-by-20-foot pen I'd prefer an 8-by-50 run. Of course, all of us creatures need some private quarters as well.

Thanks again for this opportunity to speak on behalf of the animals. They told me they would have sent you e-mail themselves but their "lion" was busy.

There have been a lot of improvements at the zoo in recent years. I look forward to another visit in the near future.

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