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LEARNING: History & Education | October 24, 2004


An E-Mail to Democratic Activists

...I truly believe that any honest assessment of our strengths AND weaknesses goes to the very HEART of our current struggle -- not only against a single (pathetic) candidate but also against an entire (formidable) mindset -- a continuation of the historic conflict, waged down through the centuries, at tremendous cost in lives and property (not just philosophy), between Realism vs. Romanticism, in politics and every other aspect of our lives.

Naively following their hearts, not their heads, Romantics touted "the divine right of kings"; Romantics lamented the slave-based aristocracy of the South being "Gone With The Wind"; and Romantics now ironically support not only the pie-in-the-sky Mr. Nader but also the messianic Mssrs. Bush and Bin Laden.

In contrast, putting wide-eyed reason ahead of blind faith, Realists -- people not unlike us -- founded this country; and significantly, they devised a Constitution that tried its best to prevent the concentration of power into the hands of as few people as it now lies within.

...I sincerely believe that to overpower the enormously powerful forces aligned against us -- whose ONLY appeal to the public lies within the Romantic realm of UNREALITY (read, delusions, half-truths, and outright lies, in both foreign and domestic policies) -- we have to be unwavering champions of REALISM. We have to be uncompromisingly, sometimes even brutally honest -- taking into account both shortcomings and strengths, and dealing with each accordingly, for ourselves as well as our opponents.

The ONLY way we can win this election is to give our country a strong dose of reality, to awaken our fellow citizens from the Pollyannish dreams and hellish nightmares created by our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

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