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COMMUNICATION: Media, Arts, & Society | January 23, 1984


A Published Letter to

Howard Rosenberg, TV Critic of Los Angeles Times

In regard to the recent footage of The Twilight Zone helicopter crash, which killed actor Vic Morrow and two children, I must disagree with your contention that "showing the impact wasn't necessary." The central issue in the court case stemming from the crash is whether actors were placed in a position of excessive danger by various excessively enthusiastic members of the production crew in search of an extremely exciting dramatic effect.

Like you, I am disgusted with the horrendously death-defying stunts on That's Incredible: The taking of such enormous unnecessary risks just for the morbid fascination of it all was more at home in the ancient Roman Colosseum than in modern American Television.

Unlike you, however, I believe that the best way to put an overdue end to this proliferation of human exploitation is for the news, on TV and in the other media, to not pull any punches when it comes to showing us the very real consequences of such dangerous stunts.

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