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COMMUNICATION: Media, Arts, & Society | October 6, 2003




A Posting to New York Arts Magazine On-Line Forum,

In Response to Odyssey Of A Cockroch

Copyright 2003 Yoko Ono

Most successful of all

   the world's many creatures

Are insects and humans,

   distinct in most features.


The insects succeed

   by raw instinct, primeval;

We humans, by intellect,

   knowing good, knowing evil.


For insects, genetics

   dictate what will be;

For humans, our will

   will set each and all free.


For insects, the body's

   the sum-total whole;

For humans, there's also

   the conscience, the soul.


Power in insects,

   from muscles and jaws;

Power in humans,

   from rights and from laws.


For insects, there's strength

   in sheer numbers, diversity;

For humans, variety's

   often seen as perversity.


Moreover, there remains

   in the greatest and least

Of all Homo sapiens

   a wild, untamed beast.


Survival by nature

   is typically cruel,

Often at odds with

   our professed Golden Rule.


Too often is uttered

   "I, me, mine, and my" --

Too much of just "How?"

   and not enough "Why?"


Abusing the weak,

   lusting blood shed vermilion,

Too often our hearts

   have devolved to reptilian.


To be truly human,

   not merely a bug,

We must love one another;

   two helped with one hug.


But whether we're human,

   or a six-legged being,  

Reality's real;

   it is ours for the seeing.


So let us enjoy

   our bug's-eye-view odyssey,

And see all the oddities

   here that we oughta see.



"Bug" Doug Drenkow

Writer, Scientist, Artist,

All-Too-Human Being





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