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COMMUNICATION: Media, Arts, & Society | July 18, 1987


A Published Letter to

Calendar Letters, in Los Angeles Times

Personal Note: I had won tickets to the Grand Opening of the Cineplex Odeon theaters, in Universal City, for having picked The Godfather as my favorite movie -- it was listed amongst the top ten most popular movies in a contest conducted by the L.A. Times. That was quite an evening: Not only was the marquee of the huge multiplex studded with titles like Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, and It's A Wonderful Life; but also our audience, for The Godfather, was able to meet and chat in person with Abe Vigoda, a family favorite, and the parents of Francis Ford Coppola -- he, a famous musician; she, an accomplished novelist.

I am afraid I must disagree with Kent Wilson, who wrote in criticizing the beautiful Odeon (Saturday Letters, July 11).

Although I must admit that the print of The Godfather, like that of Dragnet, which he saw [on another evening], did have some glitches, I found parking both neat and convenient, with escalators to ground level; the seats no more crowded than any other, less ambitious cinema complex; the screen and sound superior to that of the average theater [I believe this was one of the first venues for Lucasfilm's state-of-the-art THX audio system]; and the Art-Deco architecture such as to make movie-going an experience again.

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